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How to Wrap a Burrito

Making the perfect burrito may seem like an easy task of rolling and wrapping, Ilmastokatsaus but there is a lot that goes into this delicious meal. Here’s cheap mlb jerseys our step-by-step guide for making a CilantoMex burrito that won’t fall apart 11月 in our Burrito Boot Camp!


Step 1: Choose your Tortilla

Press the tortilla just long enough to warm it up. Trying to fold a cold tortilla will leave you disappointed as it will most likely break.


Step 2: Add the Rice

One scoop of rice. You can choose between lime white or wholesale nfl jerseys lime brown rice.

Pro Tip: If you prefer to not have rice, a bed of lettuce will help to soak up the juices of the burrito.

Step 3: Choose your Beans

One Scoop of beans. Choose between black beans, pinto beans, or refried beans.


Step 4: The Main option

1 Scoop of your choice between chicken, carnitas, fresh-caught fish, or steak.


Step 5: Fillings and Garnishes

Add your favorite garnishes to the burrito. Some of our favorite burrito cheap jerseys fillings are corn, guacamole, cheese, salsa and sour cream.

Pro Tip: Drain wholesale jerseys your tomatoes before placing them on the burrito. You’ll thank us later.


Step 6: Mix it all up

After adding everything you would like in your burrito, mix your burrito so you can enjoy all of its flavors.

Pro Tip: Don’t overstuff!


Step 7: Mold it like a ravioli

After your mix up your burrito, fold it over into the shape of a ravioli and tuck wholesale nfl jerseys in all of the food.

Step 8: Tuck and Roll

After you have your ravioli shape, fold in the right side, then the left and roll it forward!

Step 9: That’s a Wrap

Now it’s time to wrap it into the foil. Lay the foil down and mold it into the Green shape of the burrito, roll it forward and tuck in both sides.


There you have it! A perfect CilantroMex Burrito! For more tips on wrapping up your burrito, check out Run our video.


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